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Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of the program. it's because of over all healthcare costs in this country. if you want to his medicare, you have to take aim at healthcare costs. it's simply not the same as any problems that are facing social security. when you put them together you're really misleading the public. >> john: now you make me want to talk about single payer. i love the way you refuted all of these talking points. michael hiltzik of the "l.a. times." thank you for writing this article for "the l.a. times." >> my pleasure. >> john: congress finally did something about gun control yesterday. they loosened it. you didn't know that? my panel of non-experts join me to talk about it next. for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv. [ male announcer ] to many men, shaving can be a sensitive issue. but take comfort. it may not be you; it may be your razor. upgrade to gillette fusion proglide. our micro-thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel to put less stress on your skin by gliding through
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >> john: that guy paid out of pocket for an unknown immigrant's healthcare. >> thank you. >> dr. reverend susan thistlethwite. thank you for bringing to us what is says in the actual bible. >> thank you, john. >> john: thank you. in a day where it may be feminist to be a housewife. that's up next. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go a closer shave in a single stroke for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ ♪ gillette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get. >> john: welcome back for the thing of the day. it's the warm and fuzzy thing of the day. i'm thrilled with this story. the european union has banned the sale of cosmetic products that contain any ingredients tested on animals. the eu had already restricted most products but now has stricken tests. now those are done too. i don't wear a lot of makeup myself unless i'm on tv or alone on a saturday, but i think we can still look good without making bunnies go blind. now sheryl sandberg has been on the media blitz to support the release of her new
Mar 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
-based entities. all these cuts are going to cost us far far more in the long term in healthcare spending. not only is it heartless, it's really counterproductive and penny-wise and pound foolish. >> john: it's especially ironic and bitter that so many of these politicians claim to want a government based on christian values. apparently they haven't gotten around to reading the gospels yet. many areas are forced to raise taxes to accommodate to the sequester cuts. do you have any plans for these cuts. >> i wish i could say things are going to be okay. americans are socialized in thinking there is frank capra capra-istic ending and the mean 'ol banker will see the errors of his ways and the town will pitch in. the fact of the matter is the only serious outcome of these cuts is more mass suffering from low income people. organizations like mine couldn't possibly think of compensating for this. look, every charitable meal distributed in america equals 1/ 1/20 of the meals funded by the government. we have a domestic peace corp program. we just learned that our program is going to be shut do
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3